We started unsure what we wanted to work on. When we came into possession of the Myo motion tracking armband we instantly started thinking of ideas. Initially we wanted to help people with Parkinson's disease, but we were unsure how to distinguish between normal motion and the shaking from the disease. Then we decided to try and help people with ADHD because it's common for some to need help holding still when they're young.

What it does

Our website starts a timer which alternates between action sequences (the kid can jump/move around) and freeze sequences (the kid needs to hold perfectly still).

How we built it

This project started with us making the website from scratch in html, and hosting it for free using the apache-tomcat server through azure. Next we tried to connect the data from the Myo and send it to the website so it could be manipulated and used for the game.

Challenges we ran into

First of all, I was unable to correctly install the Azure toolkit into eclipse because it wasn't compatible with the eclipse version I had. Next, when I was publishing the site, I thought it wasn't working for a very long time because my test string wasn't appearing. It turns out it was working all along but the text was going to the title in the tab of the site instead of on to the actual webpage.

Tanvi: Getting the raw data from the Myo was the first challenge. Another challenge was figuring out which exact data values were necessary for our project as 5 different types of data values were given out by the Myo. We also could not figure out how to launch and close an exe file on our website. We also ran into issues with requesting local files using HTTP requests.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Coming up with the idea.
  • It was our first time making a website
  • We were able to read and plot the raw data from the Myo.

What we learned

  • There's a difference between what you learn in classes and what you need to learn to make things happen in real life.

What's next for ADHD Focus Game

  • When the data is finally connected to the website, our goal is to find the standard deviation and trigger a boolean saying if you are moving too much or not during the freeze phase.
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