While achievements and possessions can bring satisfaction they do not bring happiness. Such circumstances are ephemeral and are associated with momentary emotions, on the other hand happiness is the space in which those circumstances occur, an energetic vibration, a state of mind.

Most people link specific circumstances to particular emotional states, and automatically react to their environment. Worse yet we react to our demanding life by stressing about the future and regretting our past mistakes most of the time.

Happiness is a choice and is simple to achieve, the secret to happiness is to BE PRESENT. While this is simple, it is not easy. Most of us just experience a glimpse of being present when connecting deeply with beauty in nature or in the flow of an activity we love. People that spend their lifetime meditating to become present learned that when present they connect to life, find beauty in everything and enjoy any activity as mundane as it may be.

What is Adesse

Adesse- be present in Latin- is a mobile app that attempts to raise awareness that happiness is a choice and encourages us to experience more present moments throughout our busy lives.

Adesse works like an alarm clock to wake us by sending a notification at random times. You can even snooze the notification just like snoozing an alarm clock.

When "woken up" by a notification we are asked to pay attention and log or share in the app a present moment by:

  • Paying attention to your surroundings and finding something beautiful that you haven't noticed before. You might be surprised over how little you notice from the commute to work.
  • Listen carefully and hear something you relish such as the melodious chirp of birds.
  • Feeling deep emotions, for example, say you are mindlessly folding laundry, and notice the tiny clothes of your baby. You feel your connection to your loved one through a simple activity.

These simple acts change our mindset and energetic vibration, and they train us to become more present.

We can also share a present moment at any time and follow other people to learn from their journey.

Adesse helps reducing stress and increasing happiness by connecting to life ... one present moment at a time.


  • Customizable notifications for mobile and android-wear to wake up to the present moment.
  • Photo editing filters and effects like instagram to create beautiful posts.
  • Can post privately or share with the community.
  • Comments to support and learn from other people.
  • Follow people to not miss inspiring present moment posts.
  • Adesse is free, was inspired and built for the Happiness Hackathon.
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