This semester our University has started implementing their Hybrid Model to their classes. Now as we start to use our University spaces again we've realized that much of the capacity control of indoor spaces is done manually. Taking inspiration from how students must access the university with their Students IDs, we decided that Student IDs are the key for capacity control in indoor spaces.

What it does

AdelanTec is a system that uses an RFID-RC522 sensor for students to scan their IDs into all the places which have a maximum capacity. This information is sent to a web server that displays the information into a WebApp real time. On the WebApp people can see how full the space is. Some examples of these spaces in our University are: the library, cafeteria and wellness center.

How we built it

Using the RFID-RC522 connected to an arduino that was coded to read the students IDs sensors. We connected this arduino to a PC which had a Python script that processes the data from the arduino, and sends requests to the WebServer. The WebServer was built using expressJS and mongoDB, the purpose of the WebServer is to handle the inputs and outputs from the Students IDs. The FrontEnd was built using reactJS and displays this information from the available areas with their current capacity.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a big problem as we could not send arduino data to the WebServer directly, as we lacked an arduino wifi/ethernet module. To solve this problem we had to connect our arduino into the PC which had a Python script that read the data the arduino was displaying. Now we could send arduino data to the WebServer using the Python script.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to be able to present a complete project that can be easily implemented into our University. Seeing how they right now only use papers to control access of students to these areas, this is a solution that facilitates University Staff work and the flow of traffic when entering these areas.

What we learned

We learned to connect Hardware with Software. Being able to use RFIDs sensors and connect them to a WebApp while displaying the information real time.

What's next for AdelanTec

There are many potential features for AdelanTec. We could use arima to create a model for seeing patterns on when the University Spaces are getting full. Also being able to create a more formal circuit for future implementation.

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