Our target audience is tourists, folks new to Adelaide and looking to find great things to do in the city or build a plan of their own with a rich set of events and location data to choose from.

A user will log into the app and be greeted with an initial suggestion to Adelaide's free wi-fi network if they are roaming.

The user is able to filter points of interest on a map by category and then further filter by subcategory.

The user will use the app in one of two ways. The first is using it on the spot when they are out in the city to discover things nearby that are relevant to them and may have already been rated by other users of the app. The second use case is where a user is plans out a day trip in advance. They can either start with trips that other users have taken and rated and customize it to their liking or build an entirely new trip.

The activities inside a trip will have the route mapped out. The activities can also be reordered with simple drag and drop which will then update the navigation function of the app.

This app differs from other mapping applications like Google maps in that you can get trip recommendations and that the trips draw on local data that other mapping services do not have access to.

The app would also use the Watson AI User Modelling service to help pair the user with trips, locations, or events that users with similar personality characteristics as themselves have enjoyed.

The app will encourage tourism to Adelaide City as it will be easier to navigate and discover all of the reasons you'd want to come for a visit in a unified view of events, attractions, and services.

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