We always check our phones in the morning and the majority of us check the weather to choose our outfit. Yeah, we know the temperature but what outfit is the best fit?

What it does

This website lets the user input their city and outputs four different styles pertaining to the weather.

How I built it

We used HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

Our team of four are all beginners. We had to learn the three languages in order to execute our idea. Majority of the team have never in coded before! Connecting the languages, in the end, was one of our biggest challenges. We also had to code through an online API, Repl.It, which was a challenge when attempting to call another API, specifically the Weather API that we needed to execute our plan.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of finishing. Who knew that five ordinary high schoolers could even pull this off in less than one day with little to NO EXPERIENCE with coding.

What I learned

We all learned new languages and it's okay to ask a bunch of questions. You will never learn without asking questions and there's no harm to it. We also learned about organization and time management to ensure we could submit this program in time. We built skills in teamwork and how to have FUN with a challenging task!

What's next for adDRESS the Weather

Hopefully next time, we are able to call an API using the coding platform we used and more cities will be able to be inputted and output various outfits. We also hope to incorporate a feature where the user can input their own clothing and the site will take that into account.

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