We realized that it's time to automate this area of life. During the creation process, we discovered that there are no similar work projects and this is a good opportunity for us to develop.

What it does

Answers to specific sections are prepared in the form of standard chatbot buttons, and you can also immediately ask a question without going to the menu. But also, a feature that is not related to AI is tracking the rating of students. A person does not have to constantly search nervously for this list and their place. the bot will immediately give out its position.

How I built it

It built with python

Challenges I ran into

How can I work with words and correct answers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It work!

What I learned

How to prepare words for search and correct mistakes, work with tables and machine learning

What's next for admission-helper

We should try to launch it in our University

For Facebook, this is a great opportunity to increase interest in their platform by making a link between universities and the ability to connect educational institutions to this program. P.S. We have no time to translate in English and learn some rules for admission. I think the general idea is clear.

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