Reliable and accurate public health information is essential for monitoring health and for

evaluating and improving the delivery of health-care services and programs. The need for high-

quality data has never been greater then before. Furthermore, funding and support for public

health activities, such as immunization programs, remain contingent on demonstrating

coverage using routine statistics. However, assuring the quality of health information systems

remains a challenge.

What it does

Registering the patient using the wearable hand IOMT

  • Measures the patient Blood pressure and temperature
  • Sends a unique id for the patient The doctor or the nurse update the health states of the patient using the mobile app
  • Data entry method for more than one patient
  • Adding new patient
  • Additional feature for hospitals depending on their need Ambulance
  • Map track
  • Traffic routing Statistics Report
    • Patient real time blood pressure and temperature report

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

  • The configuration of the raspberry pi took longer than we expected.
  • Couldn't find a sensor to measure the heart rate of a potential patient

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

By fostering creativity and learning the teamwork helped strength our communication skills that allowed the team to work on new tools that opened our eyes to different technologies.

What's next for Addis Health Care Platform

Within the first year of launching the platform in the presence of Health institutions and NGO’s in Ethiopia, we will be deploying the system in collaboration with the government and/or NGO’s. Once this is complete we would be providing training for Hospitals, Clinics and Health extensions and creating awareness for the people about the platform objective and goal. On the second year, the next and improved version will be launched. We expect to have a more reliable data than the previous year by implementing the difficulty solutions and adding other organizations data into our database to observe the difference. On the third year, the patient's database will be ready more than ever which will be ready for sale and we would be introducing our platform throughout other African Countries to collect patient data.

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