Addicaid is a platform that helps people who struggle with addiction disorders stay motivated with goals and community support and find meetings in their area. Less than 10% of the 23.5 million people who need treatment ever receive it. Of that 10%, less than 5% maintain recovery. One of the reasons for this is the cultural stigma of addiction. Addicaid ‘s platform provides a low barrier of entry to recovery. We appeal to a wider population than the one-size-fits-all 12-step model because we understand that addiction is a spectrum disorder, not a “you have it or you don’t” disease. People need better digital tools to manage their addictive behaviors and impulses. Our solution is based on personal incentives, peer support augmented by CBT-based goals, access to meetings, and ease of use.

How Addicaid Applies to Social & Emotional Disabilities

It’s very difficult very people to admit they are suffering from addiction and once they do, it’s even harder to identify the causes and what approach will be most effective. We cater to all degrees of the addiction spectrum, different vices, process addictions, and emotional disabilities of the families and friends of people struggling with the disease. Our unique goal response system allows members to write and or record responses which helps those who may have issues writing down their thoughts. The option to remain anonymous allows people to more comfortably enter our community. Action-oriented treatments are an effective means of resetting stubborn, destructive behavioral and emotional patterns. Studies show that online-based, self-directed methods help identify and treat substance abuse disorders. Addicaid makes it easy by giving members options of what goals to complete and notifies them when they should respond to new goals.

Response to User Feedback

The user feedback was extremely helpful in determining how to proceed in our development process. The feedback consistently covered three different topics: the meeting finder, social aspect, and personal progress. We are taking measures to expand the meeting database and its accuracy as requested. Several users would like to be able to chat with users and give tips so we will integrate that in our next version. Lastly, our members want ways that they can track their progress, write about their feelings, and receive encouragement from the app in the form of congratulatory benchmarks.

Addicaid Statistics

Since launching our new version June 2nd, we have over 10,000 users with a 34% retention rate. We are excited to modify Addicaid based on user feedback to give people the exact product they want.

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