Addicaid addresses the absence of an accessible & affordable addiction recovery. Our digital platform is tailored to individual's’ needs, simplifies patient management and utilization review processes, and lowers healthcare costs by expanding access to effective, long-term treatment coupled and identifying high-risk cases and delivering early interventions.

We leverage the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and behavioral economics principles to create personalized recovery programs based on unique beliefs, behaviors, circumstances and backgrounds. Our clinical approach is comprehensive and innovative, treating the causes rather than the symptoms of addiction, helping individuals address fundamental quality of life issues as well as the driving forces of their self-destructive decisions. This new treatment methodology recognizes addiction as a spectrum disorder and helps individuals strengthen their coping mechanisms and identify underlying causes while providing support and strategies to overcome fundamental life issues (legal, financial, employment, transportation).

Addicaid is the only streamlined, three-pronged solution that effectively prevents, treats, and predicts addictive behaviors. We achieve this by analyzing high-level trends to deliver care to those who need it most while leveraging adaptive AI based on self-reported and biometric data that makes our digital recovery program dynamic. Addicaid’s recovery programs are constantly learning how to cater better to different disorder profiles and progress.

Our clinical approach is taught at medical schools so the next generation of healthcare professionals will be equipped with the knowledge and resources to effectively and efficiently deliver care.

Local storage (offline access) technology gives individuals access to resources and a personal recovery strategy. Coupled with geolocation, individuals can find the nearest healthcare providers or support groups and Addicaid can track patterns that emerge from this passive data.

Voice recording and audio delivery features help those with literacy issues benefit from Addicaid and build their personal strategy. We employed the latest in user behavior research in our product experience to ensure that Addicaid is an easy and enjoyable experience.

With a global, online community, individuals have access to support from a variety of people anytime, anywhere. Telemedicine is employed for patient-provider communication to provide a continuum of care.

Our competitive moat from unique data from a diverse user base places us at the forefront to create an unmatched platform that is both predictive and preventive.

Our benefits can be defined by four different areas:

  • Reinventing the Standard of Care - Optimize access and efficiency based on scientific outcomes.
  • Universalizing Addiction Treatment - Maximize treatment adoption and reduce stigma.
  • Systemic Cost Reduction - Optimize utilization management, treatment coverage, and chronic disease management. Civic Engagement - Advance policy conversation around fighting fundamental societal issues.
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