We being students faced an urgent need of a fully equipped platform for our online classes. Not only are we facing issues while switching platform for different purposes but have not encountered a good platform for many activities including secure examination and AR models.

Problem Statement

While coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, many countries have decided to close schools as part of a social distancing policy, not just affecting the academics but now they are a problem for the emerging minds. Even though e-learning has become a new normal for us, faculties and students are still facing loads of difficulties. Many teachers are using the video platforms for the first time and are unaware of the correct usage which leads to raucuss in the classes! There exists no examination platform yet! Not only the faculties are stressed because of the circumstances but the students too are quite uncertain and frustrated regarding the future.Lack of resources for assignment submission, practical analysis, experimental demonstration and short conceptual questions are the cons of online education.


  • CR roles in the classes to help teachers with the technicalities.
  • Secure Examination platform by using window sharing and video streaming at the same time, guided by an invigilator.
  • Personal counselling which allows students to converse anonymously with the counsellors, who would help them decrease their anxiety and stress.
  • Learning made visible by the use of proper portal for students and faculties where students can attend quizzes made by their teachers, receive assignments and make submissions, decrease their search time by acquiring proper notes from their teachers.
  • Practical analysis would increase their abilities, Smart revision would ease the so called examfear for them.
  • Understanding concepts better with the help of Augmented Reality models and diagrams.

Unique Selling Points

  • Unlike other platforms Addhyan is a fully equipped platform for the students and faculties, which could be tailor made as per the demand of the institutions.
  • Features as in CR role in the conference have been designed keeping in mind that the teachers are not much used to dealing with the technologies as compared to students.
  • The Secure Examination platform is a simple solution to the existing problem of plagiarism.
  • Counselling choice provided to the students would decrease the mental health issues and also clearing the clout around it.

Proposed Tech Stack

  • FRONTEND : HTML, CSS3, Bootstrat, JavaScript, JQuery
  • API : , peerjs
  • BACKEND : Firebase
  • EDITORS : Atom, Visual Studio Code

Challenges we faced

The biggest challenge in front of of us was to design a platform to provide secure examination for the students. Cause being a student, we ourselves are aware , of the ways in which we can indulge ourselves in wrong practices. Finally we ended up deciding the features of screen sharing and webcam streaming while examination. Adding, this kind of feature can be easily accessed by students and teachers of all domain.

Future Plan For Addhyan

  • We’re planning to do CR automation cause it may be difficult for the CR to monitor everyone present in the class.
  • Addhyan would possess a Student’s gallery for the students to post their piece of work and achievements.
  • We’ve decided to create a leaderboard to praise the students who are leading, and motivating others to come up with their names at the same time.
  • A parent’s portal would be added to the application, to monitor the progress of child by their guardians.
  • We’re working to make it multi platform, so that it can be easily accessed from anywhere.
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