My friend Lara Wang while driving last winter from Buffalo to New York City suffered a lot of troubles due to harsh weather (hail, snow, rain and a broken windshield). She wished if Google map told her about the weather conditions on her way and provided an alternate route.

This application plots weather data on the GPS route provided by google maps. Thereby, a user can plan his/her travel routes.

Our primary focus was to integrate OpenWeatherMap API with google-maps API. Hence, we created a single HTML page and used plain javascript for calling google-maps API.

Retrieval of latitudes and longitudes from the route provided by google-maps. Integrating the weather information on each marker using the OpenWeatherMap API.

This is a very simple but extremely useful feature for people who travel on roads quite often. Usually, during the winters, the highways are not jammed by traffic by they are jammed due to bad weather. Having weather information beforehand and taking it into consideration while deciding the best route to the destination shall prove useful and safe for everyone.

We learned how to use GCP APIs, OpenWeatherMap APIs. Furthermore, we also improved our Product Management skills and understood the notion of MVP.

What's next for Weather GPS: Integrate Weather forecasting and more important details corresponding to the weather.

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