At gymnasics we would play this game called Add On almost every day right before practice started. From two to six players we would create a cumulative trampoline routine that would grow larger and wilder with every player's turn.

  • We ended up inventing new 'moves'
  • Enjoyment w. wil

How to play

Typically, each player plays his/her turn by:
  1. Recording a move that he/she wants to add to the routine
  2. Preform the routine with the move he/she added
  3. If the player failed to hit all the moves, he/she will be 'out'.
To demonstrate how the begining of the game with two players might be played:

Player one starts the round with a dab He/she then records the move into a database & preforms the whole routine in front of the camera (there is only one move in the routine rn)

Player two follows by choosing to add a whip to the routine. He/she records the whip and preforms the whole routine (consisting of a dab then a whip)

Player one follows by adding a wild-card move where he/she scratches his/her armpits & dances like a monkey. Again he/she records the move and preforms the routine (dab whip monkey move)

... the pattern follows with [record, preform, evaluate] until one player has failed to do all the moves in his/her preformance.

How we built it

Charles started by programming server.js Aayush started with finding an Image Recognition Software to extract a _ skeleton _ representation of the player Dominik started with visuals for the front end Julien started with the front end By 3pm on Sunday we all came together to syncronize the project, help eachother adress minor issues, and complete files like acessing the user's camera that we still needed to begin.

Challenges we ran into

Due to time restraints, we were unable to debug our backend in time so we resorted to creating a whole new local backend 'main' script that would control the entire game within the last two hours of the event. We debugged the new script just in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of & What's next for Add On

We are pleased with our functioning game but we hope to host the game online later on.

What we learned

We learned about machine learning & cyber security from the mlh workshops and we improved our programming skills.

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