I wanted to try and make something for fire safety. This made me think about how fire can be started from faulty cables. This can be due to cables being stepped or bended too much so I wanted to make something to fix that.

The adaptor bridge should allow phone chargers to be strapped onto a string in a rotating mechanism involving a string and turning lever and be moved in a straight line across the bridge. At the end, the adaptor can be pulled through 2 or 3 holes to provide more straightness and protect the wire to be plugged in into the phone.

I created a model in Maya using various mesh shapes. I used torus shapes for inserting the rotating rod and to put the charger through. The bridge structures I based on a fire engine ladder and deleted faces from certain meshes while extruding them to match my design.

I was not able to 3D print the model to the larger size I wanted so I was only able to make an adaptor cover.

This is the first time I am 3D printing a model I created from scratch in Maya and I thought it came out pretty good.

I learned more about 3D printing such as 3D models requiring more supports else they look far more different then they do in the 3D program once printed.

I hope to add more to my 3D model later on, fix the size of the print, and perhaps add some more details and design to the structure.

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