One of our team members has a disability, and is currently struggling to find a summer internship in biomedical engineering. We've been helping her look for one, and all of the disability-specific job sites have little or no opportunities in her field. Sam and Benjamin both have extensive experience coding and developing websites, so together, we decided to build a better networking platform for people with disabilities.

What it does

Adaptly allows disabled users to connect with each other in a professional capacity, and portray themselves holistically to employers.

How we built it

We used Figma for our wireframes, and SvelteKit for the front-end.

Challenges we ran into

We had so many ideas about wonderful features that we could add to our website, so our biggest challenge was the scope of the project. We got really excited about all of the things we could do, and struggled to focus on only developing some of them, given our time restraint.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of our unique profile design, which includes the user's skills, passions, and journey. We believe our platform will be crucial to assisting those with disabilities find jobs and connect with others in a professional capacity.

What we learned

We spent a lot of time learning about website accessibility features. We found Assembly AI very helpful to caption audio, and spent a lot of time researching other features as well. We are also adding an accessibility widget, so that users can customize their viewing experience.

What's next for

Because we've been working on a tight deadline, our next step is to build out more of our website, and make all of our features useable. After that, our next step is to connect with the disability community for feedback, and to start assisting our users in their professional development and job searches.

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