Inspiration : It was my first software project that I have done during my internship . It is always special for me because my work on this project earned me a full time job(my first job).

How it works : It was hosted on google app engine built using Java with spring framework and Objectify. Many technologies and languages like Javascript,jquery,ajax,html,css etc were used for developing the product.

Challenges I ran into : The work is really challenging as we always strive to give best user experience. Keeping things simple yet beautiful even after adding new features frequently is very challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : In 3 months I was able to develop API centric web app as well as an andriod application with almost 80% of core features jn the web app.

What I learned : What ever the skills present in my skillset I learned everything to contribute to this project. Especially Google app engine application development, creating API centric app and android app development.

What's next for AdaptiveYou : Native apps for both Android ans Ios are rolling out soon into market.

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