The A.H.A.B. (Adaptive Hand Assistive Brace) is a device for those with impaired function in the hand, wrist, and fingers that facilitates in the use of electronic devices and operation of writing utensils, while maintaining wrist support. This year the team worked alongside James “Woody” Beckham, a 23-year-old university student and Gulliver Engineering alumnus who sustained a C5 spinal injury after a rugby accident. When approached about a device that could increase his productivity and efficiency, in addition to helping him enter the work force, Woody explained his desire for something he could use independently that would enable him to use his iPhone and iPad with improved accuracy. With this in mind, the design team created the Adaptive Hand Assistive Brace (A.H.A.B), a multi-functional brace with various attachments, including a stylus, pen, and pencil, to aid individuals that have limited dexterity due to a physical disability.

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