The Accessibility for Disability Act has had a big impact on ensuring accessibility for everyone and helping small businesses provide better services. However, claims have been on the rise for the wrong reasons.


ADAptive provides small businesses with quick access to Accessibility for Disability Act information relevant to their business. Using an AI chatbot, small businesses will be able to adapt their business to be more accessible and protect themselves from costly violations.

Describe your idea and how it addresses the challenge

The Accessibility for Disabilities Act has been beneficial by helping businesses be more accessible to people with disabilities. However, due to its structure, it has been abused by some firms to shake down and take advantage of many small businesses rather than use it to help small businesses provide better service to their customers. As the ADA is a long and complicated document, it can be intimidating to small business owners whose first language might not be English or do not have the funds to hire a lawyer before they know they need legal representation.

ADAptive focuses on condensing the ADA to clauses that are only relevant to their business and presents them in an easy to understand fashion. Using a simple chatbot interface, users can type or speak information about their business to get recommendations on common infringements of the ADA. For users whose first language may not be English, the chatbot is able to translate all of the information into a language they are more comfortable with. The chatbot is also able to recommend affordable local legal services for users who are unsure or who the chatbot identifies might be unknowingly not providing proper access.

Using ADAptive, small businesses are able to adapt to provide better access to their customers as well as protect themselves from infringements.

How would your idea serve a local community?

There are many laws in many categories that apply to small businesses. So it can be hard for entrepreneurs to manage all of the different regulations and might not have the capital to allocate resources to each one. If they are an immigrant, language barriers might cause misunderstandings or make it difficult to approach. Using ADAptive, small businesses will be able to quickly understand if they immediately need legal counsel and connect them to a local firm specialized in helping small businesses.

Who will use the solution? 

Entrepreneurs and small businesses would use this solution to better understand ADA regulations to provide better services as well as get to recommendations for affordable local legal counsel. This can also be used by small businesses to stay up to date with changes to the ADA or for renovations when they are ready to expand.

What makes your solution unique, innovative, and impactful?

There are many laws and regulations for small businesses. While these all exist for important reasons, it can be very overwhelming for small business owners and entrepreneurs just starting out. That is why it is important to make the law more accessible so that the business owners are able to provide the best services. The ADA is very important, but it is long and it can be difficult to pick out key items that are relevant to different types of small businesses. Because of this, many businesses are blindsided by suits filed against them for ADA non-compliance. Due to the nature of the ADA, 90% of cases are settled out of court as it is less expensive than if they were to defend and win.

With ADAptive, we are able to distill down the ADA to make it more understandable for small business owners and help them get access to the legal counsel they need. Using AI, we hope to make the law as well as legal resources more accessible and hope to expand to other challenging topics aside from the ADA. This way we are able to help our community by helping our local small businesses grow by allowing them to provide services to the best of their abilities.

Is this solution available right now?

A prototype is currently available

Sponsoring Organization

City Bar Justice Center - Neighborhood Entrepreneur Law Project

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