We wanted to make coworking spaces more intimate, dynamic, and flexible. A big inspiration for the 'shapeshifting' ability that saves space are tiny houses (e.g. in Hong Kong) that make use of fold-away furniture and walls to make the most of their small spaces.

What it does

Our solution is a adaptable meeting room space with mobile walls and a smart key access system which will be able to form meeting rooms when the user checks-in as well as return back to an open area for people to use when not booked.

How we built it

We had experience of how meeting rooms can sometimes be untilised at times and yet high in demand at other times. Hence, we decided to have a solution to have more meeting room space but not at the expense of the fixed installations of a office space. We used interior design.

Challenges we faced

We had to think very hard of the actual layout of the walls and how we could execute it using existing software, as well as what materials to use - which none of us had professional experience with.

What we learned

How to look at a space and think of practical, physical ideas that can shape it.

What's next for Adapted

We'd love to think about more creative ways that our walls can be used, and how to host all sorts of events just by changing around the space and furniture.

Built With

  • cobot-api-salto-api-adobe-xd
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