none other than the man himself, Adam James Woolen, lvl 99 wizard, chair of the Aston Computer Science Society, contributor of project [redacted] and mother of dragons.

What it does

adam will make an arduino controll led lights by the power of voice recognition. he will also listen to you and tell you what you said

WARNING may crash phone and take about 3 mins to load

How we built it

we used blender to make the head which we put into three js to display on a webpage then used text to speech to make it say stuff, we originally animated it but it wouldn't work. we made a site which could read your voice and make a comand system to control the arduino through the internet.

Challenges we ran into

animations on webgl is a nightmare,

Accomplishments that we're proud of

adam is finally at everyones fingertips

What we learned

computers are sentient and they hate us.

What's next for Adam in my pocket

you cant improve on perfection.

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