ADAM app - Alzheimer’s Disease Voice Assistant

ADAM app is a voice application for people disabled with Alzheimer’s Disease. ADAM app helps with brain training and reminds forgotten memories or drugs.

### Vision ADAM app helps people disabled with Alzheimer’s Disease. Disabled people can train their brains every day and simply just by voice. They can select a random training task - for example, remember how many red things are in the image. ADAM app will help with reminding things in the future as well. Users will be able to set a reminder for drugs or talk with the assistant - later, the application can remind forgotten things based on the previous conversation.

Technologies I used

The mobile application and voice application are connected with the Firebase Realtime Database. In the voice application, I used the http package and S3 database for saving important information like user id (necessary to pair with mobile app). I used Alexa APL to customize the training screen - an animated progress bar, show, and automatically hide an image. Last but not least, I added some SSML effects to make the conversation livelier.

Challenges I ran into

Firstly, I needed to learn how the developer console works. One of the biggest challenges was using custom packages like http in the code. In the beginning, I didn’t know where to implement it but I found an amazing tutorial on the Alexa website for beginners that helped me a lot. Also, I learned how to save data to S3 and I love the feature. The next difficult step was to use APL for custom training screens. I wanted to design a screen with an image that disappears after a progress bar is loaded. It was hard but I did it.

Next steps

It is necessary to cooperate with medical doctors and scientists that work with Alzheimer’s Disease. The health part of the application needs to run cleanly and intuitively for disabled people. That’s why I connected with three doctors and professors in the Czech Republic and they help me with the health part.

The next steps:

December - January
  • Consultations with doctors
  • Alfa version release
    • Add more brain training tasks
    • Major UI update
    • 5 testers
  • First 50 users
  • Beta version release
    • New feature - reminders
    • Connection with mobile app
    • Brain training task customization
    • Editing reminders
  • Cooperate with 5 Alzheimer organizations
  • Website finished
  • 100 users
  • 30 Alzheimer organizations

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