In today's world, social media platforms have become social marketplaces and its users possible advertisers. This provides a great opportunity to empower all types of users from small, up and coming, e-commerce firms to the random poor student. Our goal is to automise the whole process from Ad creation to Ad publication. No more drag and drop ad creators, no need to know the complex requirements of social media marketplaces; just take a picture and let our AI create a tailor made Ad for you.

How you can use it

Tell us about your product - Take a picture of your product. Describe it briefly in a voice recording in the app! We would love to hear your voice.

Smart Ad Creation Our artificial intelligence platform will use computer vision to detect your product, voice recognition software to narrow down the possiblities and finally our recommender system suggest the best ad for you based on thousands of products on the web. This recommender system selects a similar product from Amazon Web Services together with the Ad description allowing the user to obtain it automatically. Ad Venture also allows you to customize your Ad with parameters such as target audience, price and so on that will be incorporated into yourAd.

You can then preview your ad and post it on Facebook!

How we built it

Google Cloud Vision API was used to detect the product in high level. The top products detected were found on Amazon Web Services and Computer Vision (image similarity) was used to pick the most similar product together with its Ad description and other parameters. User feedback is used to deploy the product on Facebook, which eventually offers an integrated and one-stop Ad campaign creator.

Challenges we ran into

The intergration of different technologies into one single product was difficult. We did not get enough sleep over the three days and eating too much junk food. All in all however, we had lots of fun.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is the first Hackathon for half of our team. Given our various technical backgrounds having people from 4 countries and 3 continents, it was difficult putting all our different perspectives together to come up with a viable idea!

What we learned

To work under time pressure. To use a variety of open source tools to get things done.

What's next for Ad Venture

We hope to see the potential for Ad Venture in the online advertising market through feedback from the judges. Thereafter, we hope to work on the project further and add the missing fucntionalities we hoped to implement in the future.

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