The story behind Ad+Reaction is pretty simple! What if we could after seeing a mobile ad say if we liked or not?

For example, I am playing Trivia Crack and I get to see a feminine care products ad but I'm a male. You understand why it is a problem, because I'm not the targeted user. With our app, after each high-quality video ad (10-15sec.) served by Vungle you get to answer a question about the ad ! Was it entertaining? The right gender? About a field of interest you care & etc.

TLDR: Users hate ads, at least give them something they like.

Target Users

For marketers, we provide a simple way to increase conversion rates. For users, provide them a better ad experience with advertisings they will enjoy watching. They won't wait for the skip button anymore.

For mobile developer, we've created a slick SDK for you to easily implement targeted ads. For developers, by developers.

TLDR: Mobile developers and marketers.


Mobile developers

The creator of an app can ask relevant questions to his audience through his monetization process.

Mobile users

The customers get to have more ads targeted on their field of interest, gender, age, geography, etc.


Test an ad before they go global and a get meaningful analysis of the engagement of users. Observe an increase of conversion from users that really care about your products

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