Our beloved teammate Vignesh loves trying to be productive. He has used many timers before but one problem was that he was always distracted by other websites on the net. We decided that he should have access to a tool that helps him to set aside these distractions when he needs them to be.

What it does

  1. Allows tabs to be categorised as work related or recreational related.
  2. Manages recreational tabs by pinning them to the side, when it is time for work (and vice versa)
  3. Supports a timer that aids to start and stop work-rest cycles.

How I built it

We build it in javascript and html, using Chrome's extension API to interact with the browser

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge would be javascript .It is a language we are all familiar with, but despise because of its annoying quirks, in particular we had issues with asynchronous calls that would force us to set a timeout in order to create a pseudo synchronous program flow.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Manipulating tabs. It was a great feeling when we first saw the tabs that we specified. It was a great feeling when first saw the tabs that we specified.

What I learned

We learnt quite a bit on the technical side, on how chrome and the extension api works.

What's next for AD - ProDuck

We're definitely going to continue developing this on GitHub, and even start using it! One of us quipped that we should start using it while developing it. Everyone is welcome in contributing to this project!

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