A sudden realization occurred to one of us while in the shower: it would be an astounding opportunity to advertise in the new territory of VR! Following a background check we made, it seems as though products such as Oculus Rift, and Morpheus, which include a blank page for advertisers, along with social networking and a fabulous UI, are the perfect base.

How we do it? Good question. Using the generic Unity game engine, we created a simple platform for advertisers and developers, which allows, two methods of advertising: one - 2D designs, second - 3D models of the products. The implementation is done via a verity of templates, while the data inserted, is loaded from a sever dynamically, and allows changes and adaptivity on-the-go, unlike SIGA (Static in-Game Advertising).

But we do more. While the user is playing, he or she will encounter said advertisement, and will be offered the immediate, simple opportunity to order the product, which will be just a click away! Your character had a pizza, you want one too? Done.

Where is the social part you ask? Using the social side of Oculus Rift, the user is again, just a click away from not only inviting the pizza, but also having friends enjoy it with her. And the sky is the limit.

What was the hardest challenge we faced during the Hackathon? Though very enthusiastic about our project, none of the team members had any prior experience working with Unity, not to mention Oculus Rift. Moreover, the event had only a single devise of Oculus Rift, which led us to happily overcoming the challenge by working with our fellow team, sharing the device, but also ideas, help, and gave us the opportunity to meet wonderful people.

Although this is generally a programming challenge, our team has two members who are experienced programmers, and two novices. We are proud we managed to work as a united team, all of us, overcoming the background difference. Each of us had his or her place, was always in charge of something, and we all contributed to our goal.

Throughout working on the project, we learned about the advertising world, doing our background checks, and possible options for development. Also, we had to learn, rather quickly, to use a new technology, working with Unity, but moreover, handling the Oculus Rift was a very enriching experience, using such cutting-edge device.

We would be thrilled to have an implementation of our service in a regular XBox Oculus Rift game, and test our baby in the real world.

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