Currently, it is challenging for advertisers and brands to moderate user-generated content such as videos for two reasons:

  1. The need for high internet speed and bandwidth
  2. The legal issues surrounding branding with the public such as logo usage.


We developed an application for Media Advertisers to "auto-detect restricted content" on user-generated & submitted videos. AD-ME is a platform that allows Media Advertisers to challenge the public through contests, collect user-generated videos, and analyze campaign statistics.


Advertisers will post challenges for users to submit videos of themselves interacting with their product for a significant prize. 5G makes for an immediate user submission and IBM Watson will quickly narrow down the qualifiying entries, allowing for a massive user generated response at scale. Advertisers can then select a winning entry and notify the winner.

link -- Homepage

link -- PARTICIPANT SITE - List of Challenges

link -- PARTICIPANT SITE - The Challenge From "POP SODA" |__ Upload an actual video in MP4 or MOV format |__ This is a working upload that will send the video to IBM Cloud for processing

link -- ADVERTISER SITE - What the Advertiser sees when they edit their challenge |__ Click on the REVIEW CHALLENGE INSIGHT button to see actual results of processed videos of actual submissions to the app.

link -- PARTICIPANT SITE - The Challenge From "POP SODA"



  • The automation of video moderation minimizes resource needs, maximizes the opportunities to scale, and addresses common legal concerns when dealing with user-generated content.
  • Flexible out-of-pocket commitment & media buy
  • Contest structure to rapidly build reach
  • Transition from disruptive ad spots to a positive-brand-associating entertainment experience.
  • Beyond ad viewing: physical product interaction and/or brand mention
  • Helpful for Legal


  • Join in on quick, fun and entertaining video challenges with the potential to win money, prizes, and (maybe even) fame!
  • Show-off one's brand loyalty to the world.

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