Every gamer hates pop-up advertisement in games. but advertisers still pay good money for getting their ad to pop up, even though they know that the gamer will resent them and attach negative emotions to their brand - because what is the alternative? Presenting Ad-in. Inspired by product placements in movies, Ad-in is a platform enabling advertisers to buy add-space within the games, where they will not interrupt the game play, but be part of it in the form of e.g. a billboard in the background. When the add is presented as part of the game, the gamer will experience joy as they are exposed to the ad and thereby positive emotions are associated with the brand instead of negative ones.

What it does

The platform works by offering advertisers an easy way to promote their products in games, much like the way it is possible to advertise on homepages through e.g. google adwords. When an image is uploaded it will be shown at predefined places inside games. We use the SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud to keep track of the impressions in the games and the advertisers payments. In the future it would be possible to implement a bidding process like adwords, but for now it is possible to run ads as long as there is free advertising space in the game.

How we built it

We build the platform in HTML, Javascript and CSS. The backend is powered by SAP. We build the demo-game in Phaser (Javascript).

Challenges we ran into

Using SAP was a challenge. The 182 pages (!) hackathon guide helped, but the software is still new and some documentation is rather short.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting SAP to work :-) Finishing a small game prototype to show off the concept. Getting it done within time to even get about two hours of sleep.

What we learned

SAPs API. A new material design based css framework with a small footprint: material-design-lite

The team

The team consists of Tom Quast, who is a front-end and back-end developer. Nils Kähler, who is a front-end developer and designer and Helena Kähler, who is a psychologist doing research within behavior design and choice architecture. Together we are an interdisciplinary team, who has the skills to both create a concept that holds based on science in human behavior and actually build it afterwards.

What's next for Ad-in

The next step for Ad-in will be to build a prototype that are applicable with different kinds of games, and then promote the platform to gamedesigners as well as advertisers to get a beta-testers.

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