We know it's what makes the web go round, but it can be scary how much ads know about you! We came up with this idea to tackle three problems:

1) Raising awareness and understanding of how tracking works 2) Allow people to blow up ads (which is enjoyable) 3) Utilize any revenue to further contribute to charity

What it does

Pulls in ads from Google AdSense (or rather, a mock-up we made for development purposes), and overlays them on top of a Phaser.js game. The User then fights with the Ad, eventually blowing it up!

How we built it

We've previously written JS games from scratch but decided that we'd jump in with a framework this time round. We worked together to learn the game mechanics. We also built a fake ads module to mimic how real ads are pulled in with AdSense.

Challenges we ran into

Phaser is difficult to get your head around! We found the documentation to be bit opaque, and even setting up the development environment was a challenge. As we said: we'd not used Phaser before, so it was a steep learning curve.

Coming up with the idea in the first place also took a lot of time, as did deciding what form factor we wanted it to be in.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Each member managed to build components independently (which is impressive given that

What we learned

A new framework, how ads are targeted, and what happens at a Hackathon!

What's next for Ad Breaker

Our original plan was to extend the game to have a 'story' mode to emphasize the learning aspect. Users would traverse through a world where they can be handed "cookies", similar to how browsers actually work.

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