We're tired of seeing invasive advertisements and blatant commercialization all around us. With new AR technology, there may be better ways to help mask and put these advertisements out of sight, or in a new light.

What it does

By utilizing Vueforia technologies and APIs, we can use image tracking to locate and overlay advertisements with dynamic content.

How we built it

Using Unity and Microsoft's Universal Window's Platform, we created an application that has robust tracking capabilities.

Challenges we ran into

Microsoft's UWP platform has many challenges, such as various different requirements and dependencies. Even with experienced Microsoft personel, due to certain areas of lacking implementation, we were ultimately unable to get certain portions of our code running on the Microsoft Hololens device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using the Vuforia api, we implemented a robust tracking solution while also pairing the powerful api's of giphy to have dynamic, networked content in lieu of these ads.

What we learned

While Unity and Microsoft's UWP are powerful platforms, sometimes there can be powerful issues that can hinder development in a big way. Using a multitude of devices and supported frameworks, we managed to work around our blocks the best we could in order to demonstrate and develop the core of our application.

What's next for Ad Block-AR

Hopefully we're going to be extending this software to run on a multitude of devices and technologies, with the ultimate aim of creating one of the most tangible and effective image recognition programs for the future.

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