People say that the things you care about, you give your time, and the things you don’t care about, you give your money. My philosophy is if I really want to change the world, I have to give both. With Ad is how you do it. Ad is developing a cross platform iOS and Android app that accumulates user generated ad revenues. Ad will take these funds and donate them to charitable organizations. The incentives Ad provides will maximize market share for Companies, increase charitable donations to Non-Profits, and provide a smooth user experience. This rich formula will bring together three identities, the business man, the non-profiteer, and the common man, to benefit from each other. The users will have a quick and easy way to donate money to charity. Non-Profits will receive recognition from partnerships with companies and the users. Companies are given the change to align themselves with charitable organizations to enhance their brand. They will also get to Advertise to an audience fully engaged to ads, rather than a passive audience that ignores most ads on a webpage. Help me, and together we can revolution the Advertising Industry.

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