For 2 years schools had to adapt their operations and adapt their teaching methods to be carried out online, many families reacted by increasing the speed of the Internet to properly use collaboration and communication platforms such as Office 365, this is how Microsoft Teams was potentiated and gave the opportunity to develop applications of all kinds, Tangible IT thought of providing a flexible and multifunctional solution to make the virtual classroom experience different, thus ACV emerged as the Virtual Classroom Assistant that would help teachers to collaborate with their classes using virtual whiteboards and to allow attendance to be taken in an exceptional manner.

What it does

Manage attendance control, provide executive visibility through dashboards to understand student behavior in school in real time, and facilitate the teaching and learning experience through the use of whiteboards that enable co-editing. All in a solution that mirrors your school's configuration. This is a world class solution built in 5 different languages at this time and ready to scale and support thousands of schools and millions of users.

How we built it

As a provider of educational solutions, we approached the CIOs of the main universities in our country who shared with us their concern about the high absenteeism before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. We realized that many schools did not have a tool that integrated the time load with the attendance processes, so we initially thought of providing that solution, creating a set of dashboards that could be used to monitor and control absenteeism. Subsequently, the need arose to reinforce collaboration in virtual spaces, which is how we integrated a system of extensions, of which Whiteboard is the first with a didactical approach. Following the standards of design and development for Microsoft Teams, we use React.js as frontend, powered with Fluent-UI, the framework designed to build experiences that fit seamlessly into a broad range of Microsoft products, in addition, we used node.js + Express as backend, the whole solution is running on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Challenges we ran into

The uncertainty of not knowing exactly how long the pandemic would last was our first big challenge, we did not know if the solution to be developed would solve a permanent or sporadic situation, even with that the schools needed to move forward and if we did not do it, surely someone else was going to do it, so we decided to coordinate our effort for the classroom experience, to offer the community of educators the best tool for the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have provided a versatile tool to schools, which has served to allow physical, virtual and hybrid attendance, which favors schools to be as flexible as current times demand, and not only that, we are proud to provide schools with a solution allied to planning, since it helps to identify dropout problems.

What we learned

We increase our experience using Microsoft development technologies that adapt to any cloud infrastructure model and are integrated into any identity model that schools manage. We got deeply in several Azure technologies to enable a flexible, scalable and word class infrastructure for this solution.

What's next for ACV - Virtual classroom assistance

We believe that our solution can continue to expand through extensions, which will be focused on solving a particular need within the framework of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft identity services.

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