The AIM for JIRA user was: how can one keep be active in JIRA projects even outside of JIRA boundaries? The answer: by using personal (or shared) Evernote notebooks as a source for business ideas and proposals for project issues.

What it does

What is Actual Notes plugin for? Well, Actual Notes allows one to perform daily activity out of JIRA via private Evernote notes. The plugin adresses the following needs:

  1. Daily activity on issues.
  2. Turn your notes into comments.
  3. Keep your evernote data actual to issues state by adding new comments from new and updated notes ## How I built it Using Maven and Atlassian-SDK tools. Worked in IDE IntellijIDEA. ## Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Full working functionality as expected and novice related to Evernote service. Implemented authentication mechanism for Evernote Access Token using OAuth. I've never seen examples or tutorials on the process in Atlassian guides.

What I learned

How to work with OAuth, Evernote Java API, services integration. Atlassian-SDK.

What's next for Actual Notes JIRA Add-On

Next featires expected:

  1. Converting note into issue. That should be a bomb feature.
  2. Allowing to manipulate with notebooks withing JIRA via configuration screens
  3. Specifying start dates to get updates from. To shorten list of required notes and speed-up plugin's notes retrieval processes.

Built With

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