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Actonic Team has been working in IT Consulting for over 17 years. We have helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes fulfil their potential by thoroughly analysing ways to improve communication and collaboration and optimise processes.


In many cases, using Atlassian ecosystem appears to be the best choice for companies striving to become more flexible, adaptive and agile, however, built-in functions rarely meet all the requirements, especially when it comes to reporting. While optimizing customers’ infrastructures, we've often been asked to set up the process to properly track and measure team efforts. We have seen a huge demand for such a tool, but haven’t been able to find the solution that would effectively meet our requirements. Therefore, we’ve decided to create our own app with customers’ needs in mind.

Actonic Report Builder

We are preparing a one of a kind tool to create ANY reports for Jira Core, Software, or even Service Desk. It will be not just a Jira add-on building a couple of reports, but a complete framework allowing Jira users to create any type of reports using their favorite visualization libraries - directly in Jira, without developing their own add-ons, only using JavaScript and HTML. The initial version will offer integration with the most popular libraries such as D3, Google Charts, Chart.js, vis.js, moment.js and a few more. We hope that Actonic Report Builder will help customers save time, hit deadlines and stay on top of their time!

Actonic Report Builder is already available on the Marketplace!

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