The recent data shows that what prevents potential donors from donating is the lack of transparency from the recipient organization's side. We realized, based on our own experiences, because of this, we have to go through a lot of hassle: looking for nonprofits/charities, checking whether they are legitimate, etc. Almost overwhelming and frustrating. Yet, when we do online shopping, it feels fun and easy. We realized it is because we can see what we are giving our money for before we actually pay. Just a couple of clicks, and the purchase is on the way. Therefore, e-commerce inspired us to build this e-donation platform that made donating easy and enabled donors to know what impact their money can create.

What it does:

Users donate the donation packages for the causes they care about. They know what they are actually giving their money for. Whether it is feeding someone who has no access to food or sheltering a homeless person

How we built it:

We used the Django framework and deployed on AWS using elastic beanstalk.

Challenges we ran into:

time zone differences. :) We wanted to register a domain, get an SSL certificate, and integrate Amazon pay, but we couldn’t afford it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Honestly, the biggest accomplishment that we are so proud of is that we were able to complete the project despite the time zone difference and a lack of time we had until the due date.

What's next for ACTONATE

1) Amazon pay integration 2) After the payment confirmation, a custom-created thank you note that the donors can easily share on their social media and inspire their friends to donate as well. 3) Make the platform multi-sided so that organizations can have access to upload their own donation packages without the need from our admin to do it.

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