Today Instagram has become a huge platform for social activism and encouraging people to contribute to different causes. I've donated to several of these causes but have always been met with a clunky UI that takes several minutes to fully fill out. With the donation inertia already so high, it makes sense to simplify the process and that's exactly what Activst does.

What it does

It provides social media users to create a personalized profile of what causes they support and different donation goals. Each cause has a description of the rationale behind the movement and details of where the donation money will be spent. Then the user can specify how much they want to donate and finish the process in one click.

How we built it

ReactJS, Firebase Hosting, Google Pay, Checkbook API, Google Cloud Functions (Python)

Challenges we ran into

It's very difficult to facilitate payments directly to donation providers and create a one click process to do so as many of the donation providers require specific information from the donor. Using checkbook's API simplified this process as we could simply send a check to the organization's email. CORS.

What's next for Activst

Add in full payment integration and find a better way to complete the donation process without needing any user engagement. Launch, beta test, iterate, repeat. The goal is to have instagram users have an activst url in their instagram bio.

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