Track users while they go through a personalized workout experience with their avatar.

What it does

ActivQuest is built using three design criteria, Adaptive, Delight, and Flexible. We defined adaptive as customized care and attention based on needs and goals. Delight is to bring people together remotely and progress socially. To be flexible, our system needs to work with the schedule of busy professionals and be a framework for future content.

For the purpose of the hackathon, we are utilizing the world of peter pan now public domain works of J.M. Barrie. Players will be teleported to Neverland when they are using the app and a number of their group will be kidnapped by the pirates. Those kidnapped will have to try to work their way off the ship doing exercises related to maintaining the ship.

How we built it

Although we did not write any lines of code, we tackled the problem with a design standpoint. We researched and prototyped a solution that highlights user-centered design.

Challenges we ran into and ## Accomplishments that we're proud of

Time budgeting: At ArtCenter we spend an entire term, 14 weeks, doing solely research. It was difficult to develop our own research plan that allowed for enough pre-research to form a solution. We learned that timeboxing exercises kept us moving forward, instead of getting too mired in the details.

In the past day and a half, We thoroughly tested the existing product and analyzed it for its positive and friction points. We developed and tested methods of organization of the system. Matching exercises with in-game movements.

What we learned

SD Hacks pushed our team to expand the limits on what we thought was possible to come up with innovative solutions for a real-world problem. We learned to apply our skills in a quick-turn environment and collaborated under pressure.

What's next for ActivQuest

Our future casting activities show that the future of this technology is home-based fitness training via AI or remote Trainer.

Try to download our keynote instead of previewing it in the browser.

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