My friend had a hard time staying fit and eating healthy during the past few months. My friends parents travel every time my friend had a break in school. Due to COVID-19, they can't travel or visit any places. My friends parents also have a hard time trying to find a store that allows you to buy groceries and delivers in at their house. This is what inspired me to make this app.

What it does

Activity Pathway is an app that several activities that it can help you with such as helping you staying fit daily, eating a healthy appetite daily, help you remember all the activities you need to do, help you travel across the globe, help you buy your groceries, and help you track your order after buying groceries from the app.

How I built it

I used html and css to code the app, but also used my ideas and an online app maker to create my app.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges I ran through was trying to create a camera feature, where when you use Activity Pathway to travel virtually, you can take a picture of the places you went to keep in a gallery of photos. I realized that there wasn't much time to code this feature and that it was too complicated, so I left it for something to add to my app in the future.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the grocery option thats in Activity Pathway and the traveling option. I feel proud because mainly love to buy groceries and travel to different parts of the globe. Due to coronavirus, people have to stay home and even going to a grocery store has gotten dangerous. I feel proud of my app since it helps people go to places that they always dreamed of going while they are at home due to coronavirus. The grocery option helps people buy their groceries in order for them to stay safe and not go outside during the environment.

What I learned

I mainly had forgotten most of how to code in html and css, but after this hackathon, my skills in html and css have grown far beyond what they were before the hackathon started.

What's next for Activity Pathway

What next for Activity Pathway is adding the camera feature so that people can take photos and save them in my app. What also is next is that people can insert a photo of themselves or of their family and my app would identify all the people in the photo inserted and my app would add the photo of the people from the inserted photo so that it looks like the photos you take while traveling were actually taken and that your entire family traveled to that place. Another thing that is next for Activity Pathway is that I would like to add a education option where children could learn different subjects. The education option can be for toddlers to high schoolers or even college students that need to refresh some of the skills they learned in the past. Also, if I had more time, I would have made my own live fitness and cooking videos.

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