We always have a hard time deciding things as a group. It doesn’t matter if it’s with family or friends, it’s hard to get everyone to express their opinion or even offer suggestions. For example, the most talkative person will make the most suggestions and the quiet person will not say anything. Having a simple way to decide as a group is something we will be able to use all the time.

What it does

Activity Chooser helps small groups reach a consensus. Activity Chooser is an Amazon Alexa skill that takes input from the group, lets everyone voice their opinion, and picks the most popular choice. Activity Chooser is great for families trying to decide what game to play, friends who can’t decide which movie to watch, and a group deliberating where to eat. Activity Chooser has endless possibilities.

In Activity Chooser, you can pick between two session types, ranking and eliminator. Tell Alexa how many people you have. Each person is given a chance to make a suggestion. Then each person ranks the three suggestions they like the most. In eliminator mode each person selects the two suggestions they like the least. Afterwards, two suggestions will remain; each person selects the one they do not want. For both modes Alexa will weigh all the rankings and select the most popular suggestion.

How we built it

Activity Chooser was built using Amazon Alexa Skills and AWS Lambda using C# with .NET Core.

Challenges we ran into

We had some weird issues with the simulator. Our expectations for the dialog were wrong but we were able to understand how Alexa skills work and rework our idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to finish our idea with two ways to choose an activity. We support both ranking and eliminator modes.

What we learned

We learned a lot about how to write a skill for Alexa and several things about AWS. We also learned how to do 3D animations for our submission video.

What's next for Activity Chooser

We would like to create an app that does the same thing as this skill.

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