I am very passionate about using code to change the world, and one cool way to encourage other people to become aware of changing the world and work towards activism is to create games where they learn and fight for causes. Young people are the main group capable of creating the most change today, and one thing most young people have in common is that they are addicted to games! The game is set in year 5000 (Hack The Planet themed), where everything is advanced and no one in developed countries care are about issues that our society cares about today, such as Poverty, Women in STEM, LGBTQ etc.

How it works

You are an activist, in this game you are me :), and the cause for this level is Women in STEM. You will be approached and attacked by aliens, and in order to defeat them you actually educate them about facts relating to women in Computer Science. As a result, in this demo, you will "hit them with the knowledge" of Grace Hopper. You also have to avoid the confidence removers that the aliens shoot at you. The goal is that the more aliens you educate, when they dissapear they actually join your activism team and help you educate more aliens about issues in the "galaxy".

Challenges I ran into

I am new to game development, so Unity was a HUGE jump for me. Also, I got REALLY sick on the way to this hackathon, and have been battling minor fevers and cold symptoms, but I was able keep a straight mind and goal set of what I wanted to create.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I was able to learn unity and C# in such a short period of time, and also manage to get working code despite my illness. I am also proud of the background and sprites I was able to create in Photoshop.

What's next for Activist5000 - Gamers of Change

My goal is to add the ability to buy lives using services such as BitCoin and BrainTree. However the money will go towards non-profits, as many gamers often complain about their addiction to buying lives. The fact that the money will go towards a good cause will leave everyone in a happy mood.

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