I was inspired to build Activism Resources by the Black Lives Matter Movement. It really opened my eyes as to how many things needed to be changed and how I can help. My website was inspired by Alexis Williams (@alexisdenisew on Instagram), the creator of pb-resources (

What it does

Activism Resources provides important information and resources for the activists of America. With everything going on in our country, the people must have a reliable and credible source of information. It gives a quick summary on each topic and how the user can help.

How I built it

I started out by researching different aspects of css. I had created a website like this before, but the css styling was a bit off. I made sure to make the website presentable and accessible this time.

I used the website glitch to code it. I use glitch for the majority of my projects.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges I ran into were getting the color scheme right. The actual coding technicalities weren't the issue. I just wanted to make sure the website was visually appealing.

Another challenge I ran into was easy navigation and credible sources. I had to do extensive research to ensure that what I was putting on the website was reliable. As for easy navigation, I wanted the user to be able to scroll down and find what they’re looking for.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to say that the website is officially up and running, and that multiple people find it helpful. It’s really encouraging to see the people around me use something that I built to assist with the issues going on in the world.

What I learned

Something important I learned is that I’m not too young to help. I was under the impression that teenagers as young as me can only sit back and watch as our world falls apart, which is completely UNTRUE. There’s so many things we can do to help, from donating, to signing petitions, or even educating ourselves. It’s imperative that other young teenagers understand that as well.

What's next for Activism Resources

After this hackathon, I plan to add a domain to this website ( I also plan to generate ad revenue to contribute to important organizations and civil rights movements. As young as I am, I want to help those around me, one line of code at a time.

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