Welcome To Activism On Board

Our project Activism On Board features an online community platform for exploring social activism and movements. It is currently a prototyped demo. ☺️

At Activism On Board, we've made it easy and accessible to get involved in something you care about. Users can explore current events through a few clicks, and gain insight on the latest movements.

How It Works

Movements: Learn more about a Movement through its description, and follow a Movement to stay updated on Posts.

Posts: Posts may include anything from stories, resources, and upcoming events to show the latest information on a topic.

Users: Promote self-expression by customizing your profile with a username and avatar to reflect your beliefs.

Community: Connect with others who are learning about the same Movements and embrace new Movements!

Our Mission 📃

← To spread social activism towards a diverse audience

← To provide an accessible platform to explore what you care about

← To build a supportive community of users who are passionate about global causes


Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Savee.it

What it does

Shows people current activism movements

How we built it

Figma, React, React-Bootstrap, Wouter

Challenges we ran into

  • setting up sass to work with glitch
  • getting all the technologies to work together
  • figuring out which color palettes would be accessible (checking color contrast with WebAIM contrast checker was helpful!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting the React code to function and getting rid of the error messages
  • Making the adorable capybara images (Thanks to Ruby!)

What we learned

  • We learned how to use React, Read and edit prototypes as a team on Figma, Export the code to GitHub, and use Wouter
  • it takes a lot of effort and research to create a website that's truly accessible for all, but doing so can make a user's life easier (which makes it worth it)

What's next for Activism On Board

Due to the time limit of the hackathon, we were not able to finish implementing all of the social movements that we wanted to include. In the future, we hope to incorporate APIs such as the Twitter API, GetDayTrends API, and so on to selectively help us find social movements so that we can be as inclusive as we can be!

Additionally, we hope to implement accounts for login/logout and a private messaging system so that users can connect further with other users with similar interests.

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