For many patients struggling with chronic pain, conventional PT programs are tough to access due to the nature of their pain, and scheduling conflicts are common. Many of our teammates have experienced chronic pain issues attributed from physical injuries, and the high-cost of PT services makes it difficult to have the bandwidth necessary to follow a sustainable and coordinated therapy plan.

What it does

Our web app makes it easier for patients to complete the regular PT exercises essential to their recovery. The app catalogs all exercises using an interactive UI approach, and makes it possible for patients to understand which stretches would be most effective for their requirements, thus helping to liberate them from an over-reliance on traditional PT service. The app allows users to register and add stretches to their collection, test out the stretches, and will provide daily snapshot questionnaires to capture the effectiveness of the PT program. We also will demo a Provider dashboard that provides the longitudinal data and patient adherence of their patient's therapy plans.

How I built it

We built the User-Interface with the vanilla front-end languages; HTML, CSS, and Javascript and set up the routing and back-end logic using the Flask framework.

Challenges I ran into

Our original approach of using a silhouette of the human musculoskeletal and using map objects was a challenge because designating the co-ordinates to a static file was hard from a UI perspective.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We developed a modern front end using bootstrap and tailwind incorporating modern CSS properties

What I learned

How to work collaboratively with different skill-sets and gain domain knowledge in the intersection of health and tech.

What's next for ActivePT

We have so many ideas we would love to develop including meeting PT professionals and personalizing effective exercises with their treatment recommendations in mind. We are working on enhancing our suite of exercises so that providers can utilize the Provider dashboard system and track their patient's PT goals and patient adherences.

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