We have a lot of meetings and forget easily to do sports if we don't do it regularly. How can we motivate and encourage you to do more exercise?

What it does

We analyze your calendar and propose to do more exercise. These are either longer exercise session or a simple walk. Another way is by proposing to take the bicycle or to walk to the next meeting destination, we will remind you early enough.

How I built it

We built a simple web page to show the events and recommendation and a backend which connects directly to your calendar, in our case we focused on Google Calendar. We analyze the events in your calendar and propose an exercise on a busy day or a walk to the next meeting.

Challenges I ran into

We tried to use the Azure API to calculate the distance across two points, but struggled with several issues and eventually decided to use the Google service.

What I learned

Parsing dates in Python is hard. Producing a video in the morning is fun.

Built With

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