Team Members:

Rachel Beacher, Communications and Events Manager, Lausanne, Switzerland Single mum who skived off all school sports.

Steve Marsden, Sports Club Director, Bex, Switzerland Has spent 5,000+ hours watching his kids compete in team sports.

Falasha Zuend, Public Health Program Manager and Fundraiser, Berne, Switzerland Played basketball and lacrosse at national level before starting a family.

The name of your project: Active Parents Active Kids


Education and Research
Business and Innovation Sports Development Other: Grassroots sports

Description of Project [500 words]:

• What challenge does your project address?

The Catch-22 that parents are less likely to be active than people without children, and children are more likely to be active if their parents are active (so to have active children, you need to be a non-parent…!)

Covid-19 has removed many opportunities for children and families to be active in their daily lives - because they have less money to spend on sports, there is less funding for grassroots organisations, school and extracurricular sports are not taking place, and mass participation events have been cancelled.

• What is the goal of your idea and the expected impact?

To create free, regular opportunities for parents and children to try new sports together. Also to promote existing opportunities for parents and children to be active, and create a network of sports partners who offer free sessions and discounts on parent-child physical activity to our members. The expected impact is to engage 20-40 adults and children at each of our community events, working in an evidence-based way to ensure that many of them come from low income, non-active backgrounds. The project reach will depend on our resources.

Who will benefit most from this idea?

All families, including:

  • Low income families who do not have the money to do sports or pay for childcare.
  • Inactive families who are not looking to do sports, but are looking for free activities at the weekend.
  • Inactive parents who will be willing to take part in sports in order to spend quality time with their children.
  • Marginalised families, because of immigration / disability / culture – this is an activity for everyone, which will build a wider community and micro-communities around the grassroots events.

Independent sports coaches, and sports clubs / practitioners, who will be able to reach potential new clients through our network.

Local government and health authorities, who do not have the resources to run these events in-house but who could support the health and community benefits and see a greater return-on-investment for a relatively small grant.

• How/where/by whom might this idea be implemented?

We will launch a pilot in Lausanne, Switzerland in September 2020. We want to create a model that can be rolled out anywhere, and we are already in talks with potential partners in the UK and Guatemala. We will have a membership scheme which enables families to access discounts on sports and free taster sessions of location-specific activities such as climbing and horse riding.

We are working with partners to collect second hand sports clothing and equipment from their existing clients, so our families can get kitted out to continue in sports such as skiing.

We have a mixed funding model where families who can afford to pay for membership are asked to do so, and those who cannot afford to pay right now can join anyway.

• What resources would be needed to evaluate and implement this idea?

We are interested in support, advice, partners and inspiration. It would be lovely to have seed funding to pay our sports coaches and some of our costs, however we will launch even if we don’t find this. We are also looking to make links with universities to monitor the programme in an evidence-based way from the outset.

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