It bothers me to see so many wasted resources, piling dust in my household. What if I could easily put it at the disposal of my neighbours and my community? Inversely, if I need a drill to make a whole to hang a portrait, why do I need to buy a drill myself? It would be easier, faster and cheaper if I could simply get it from a neighbour. There should be a collaborative economy solution for this...

What does it do?

Active Neighbour enables transactions among neighbours. Not only for household items, but also services that could be distributed more efficiently within a neighborhood: baby-sitting, elderly care, pet walking, shared cooking, etc.

How I built it

We used ruby on rails and the google maps API to connect people within a neighborhood so that only neighbors have access to posts relating each particular neighborhood complex.

Challenges I ran into

Creating a smooth, intuitive experience for the user.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works!

What I learned

Great functionalities that people can't easily understand and use, are not great at all.

What's next for Active Neighbour

We'll get feedback from as many users as we can, focusing on making the best experience possible while at the same time providing a valuable product.

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