Studies show how physical exercise and learning are related. We aim to utilise this relationship to help young children learn by combining fun competition based quiz review with physical activity in the classroom, using Lego MindStorm.

What it does

A simple app based quiz allows children to review material they've learnt in subjects such as maths. If they answer incorrectly, a mindstorm robot flings a pingpong ball across the room, and the ball must be returned before the next question will appear.

Children's results, are automatically saved online to a database, we analyse this data to provide teachers with the ability to easily see how each individual student is doing in various subjects, ensuring that teaching can be tailored both to the general level of the class, and to the individual students needs.

How we built it

The app was coded in Android, and communicates with the mindstorm robot through Flask REST interfaces. Using google Sheets api's to upload and analyse data automatically.

Challenges we ran into

The android app was coded by a first time android developer with no prior experience with android studio. This led to multiple redesigns being required to correct previous mistakes as he learnt the platform.

Getting the app to communicate with the MindStorm robots required a complete python replacement of the OS and multiple REST servers, due to the fact that we had no wifi adapters for the robots, so we created a PAN network.

We originally planned for fingerprint recognition of students, but due to the limitations of the provided hardware, the api was not compatible with this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the network to work, and managing to dramatically reduce latency issues right before the deadline.

What we learned

Full android development, and networking

What's next for Active Lego Learning Platform

The app is highly modular allowing for easy additions of new quiz modes and topics, as well as new data heuristics and analysis.

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