Ordinary medical face masks is badly protecting our selves and only partly preventing spreading infections to others Disposable masks for one time use are expensive, poorly designed and wasting material resources Improvements are required

What it does

ACTIVE Face Mask is trapping and killing infections, creating active protection preventing user from being infected and more effectively preventing spreading of infections from user to others . . . most important, this mask is providing user with assistance for breathing and direct healing from infections . . .

How we built it

Textile materials are being fitted with active pro biotics creating additional and essential protection, air intake is aided with zink nano materials following air stream into longs, in addition mask will have air intake from behind leading to nose with nano material protection, air exit is through mouth, air flow out is being protected by textile and infections are killed before reaching out to environment effectively preventing others from being infected . . .

Challenges we ran into

Traditional system only delaying point of time when people are being infected, this can be resolved by using redesign of existing masks with active protection and support of body own healing process

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been testing different masks and coming up with improvements such as active protection, smarter air flow and methods for cleaning and re use

What we learned

Ordinary systems against virus is currently far from sufficient, first aid and health care personnel are being infected People involving them selves in rescue, energy and food production are also being targeted by infections

What's next for ACTIVE Face Mask

Design and testing of new systems, practical implementation and modification of functioning models Team work, financial funding, test production, classification and verification is required Do it your self version and home kits can be first on marked saving lives

Built With

  • biodefence
  • facemask
  • gans
  • nanodefence
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