The moment we saw the Activ5 devices at the tables, we were immediately curious to find out how it worked. We decided to take our previous experience in User Experience designing and Prototyping to do a deep analysis and breakdown of the app so that we could gain a full understanding.

What it does

We added new features and elements that we believed, through our research and analysis, would aid in the overall user experience of the app. We redefined the routine and work-out section, and boosted the visual design.

How I built it

We prototyped the model entirely in Figma. All of our early research was done on sticky notes and then digitized.

Challenges I ran into

Not everyone in our team was as experienced in Figma, therefore some of the heavy work landed on fewer people at first. We also had a moment where finding ways to collaborate on our files was a challenge, so we had to choose software that would do what we needed it to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are extremely pleased to see that we were able to complete a cut down version of all of the prior User Experience research in such a short span of time. It was challenging to organize all of our thoughts under pressure, but i'm glad we did.

What I learned

We learned that there is no one recipe for the proper User Process, therefore, they all should be crafted to fit the specific criteria that is needed per system.

What's next for Activ5 Redesign

We would like to go further in the experience, and doo more User Research and conduct User Testing.

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