Seeing that music is heavily involved in workouts, we decided to make something creative to allow users to customize their own workout music as well as motivate them to exercise for their health and well-being. We noticed that the simple data format of the Activ5 lends itself well to creating the beat for a song.

What it does

Creates percussion beats for song tracks by using pressure applied to Activ5 during workouts. Each exercise in the workout routine corresponds to a percussion part whose rhythm and volume depend on when and how hard you press the Activ5. At the end all parts will be combined along with the original song to produce a final music track that can be exported and shared.

How we built it

Android Studio, Audacity

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have experience with the software we were using so it took some time to learn and explore the program. In addition, the input from the Activ5 consistently arrives slightly late, and this lag made it difficult to create accurately timed beats.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For how little experience we had with Android Studio, we were able to create a deceptively nuanced program that utilizes math to amplify, shrink, and merge sound files. This is done by graphing both the sound data and the fluctuation of pressure in the Activ5. By calculating the start, finish, and peak of a fluctuation in the pressure graph, we are able to adjust the sound data accordingly.

What we learned

Android Studio, kotlin

What's next for Activ Beats

A variety of songs, multiple instruments to choose from, upload your songs so other Activ Beats users can access it.

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