Missing our Homework deadlines daily

What it does

By triggering action words like "Homework due" it crawls through a dummy blackboard site, reads deadline due dates of a specific course and sends that data to google assistant and reading that data out.

How we built it

Using previous knowledge of using data scraping tool to make a text file and make our google assistant read that text file.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting to Blackboard site Sending Action request and response to main function

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It successfully scrapes data from dummy websites and creates a text file.

What we learned

Learned to use, firebase, dialogflow, Regular Expression.

What's next for ActionGinie

We will be using the same algorithm and data scraping tool to create some new features like reading notification from blackboard or other websites. We will also build automatic google calendar updates from actiongini.

Built With

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