"There is a beauty when something works and it works intuitively" - Jony Ive

First thing we did when we got to PennApps was "checked in" to Facebook, which unfortunately took many more steps than we had hoped for it to be. Seeing how smart watches are quickly emerging in our society, one of the greatest challenges that we face is how to simplify the UI to make the user's life easier.

Action Time is an effort to make a evolutionary UI design. The goal of this app is to simplify everyday actions at the touch of your fingertips such as checking in, rating products, and many other quick actions. With the swipe of a gesture, users will now be able to accomplish tasks in a matter of seconds. This smart watch app will be useful for all owners who want to engage in various activities without the need for their phone. This app is taking the first steps towards changing how our society is going to communicate with one another.

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